Pam For Byron

Pam Hopkinson For Byron City Council


Pam is a fourth generation citizen of the Town of Byron. She married Glen S. Hopkinson, also from Byron, and together they have five children and fourteen grandchildren.

Pam worked in Byron’s own Cozzen’s Grocery Store from an early age; Owned two Art Galleries in Cody, Wyoming; And also taught release-time Seminary in the Rocky Mountain School District. 

Pam later owned and managed a print development, production and distribution business in Mesa, Arizona; She also supervised a group of process servers as well as court recordings and filings for a Law firm in Tucson, Arizona.

Currently, Pam lives in Byron and is the Property manager for Cozzen’s Rentals, as well as a Partner with her husband in Hopkinson Studio - a new business to the town of Byron.

Community Service:

  • Served as Cody School Board Trustee
  • Church Service in many capacities
  • Past involvement Community service programs working with adults and children
  • Worked in US Senate Campaign headquarters in state of Montana
  • Founding member of the Byron Economic Development Group
  • Volunteer for the Byron Rec. Department
  • Member of the Byron Memorial Park Committee


  • Understands the importance of business in a small community
  • Appreciates the need for government and business to work together to build and respond to the needs of citizens
  • A personal interest in helping our community to develop, beautify, and be a welcoming place for newcomers as well current citizens
  • Involved in extensive research in the State of Wyoming and Wyoming Parks and Recreation
  • Instrumental in working to bring recreation program leaders from various communities throughout the state to present their findings to our Mayor and Council
  • Research and development skills
  • Values friendship,  has concern for the underprivileged and often overlooked 
  • Willing to work hard, be involved, and listen  
  • Works well with others, happy, enjoys life, positive outlook

Pam For Byron: 

My parents were both civic minded, serving on school board, councils and participating in other town improvement organizations.  From their example,  I gained an appreciation for public involvement and dialogue.    I have learned the importance of researching the history and facts surrounding issues and listening to what others can contribute to the discussion.

Our government is designed to be responsible and responsive to the needs of the people governed.  It is our right as community members to attend meetings,  talk to our elected officials, be open to debate, and have our questions explored and answered as decisions are made.  That is democracy in action.  Of course, we elect people to represent us, but we certainly have a responsibility to expect honest communication and accountability from our elected servants.  

I want to thank both Marie McCollum and Gilbert Cordova for their service to our community.  Being responsible to the public is a pressure position, and they both have been willing to listen and make efforts to make good decisions.    I know from serving on a School Board, that these positions are often thankless and it is difficult to realize that ones decisions, no matter how good or equitable you feel they are, will make someone unhappy, even angry.   That is part of the job that isn’t pleasant.    They have served well and deserve a pat on the back for their time away from their families to serve.

My  hope is that we could address the needs in our community in a way that would help newcomers feel welcome and excited to be a part of living here.  Byron is a beautiful part of our State.  We are a town built on the vision of pioneers who saw a future here and began the process of building a place where families could be self sustaining.  Over the years we have watched as our greatest assets, our children leave the area to find employment.   We can build on that early vision of our founders and work together to help bring commerce into the community so that other families can return.  

The communities in our state and others that are experiencing growth and security, have seen the wisdom of government and business working together to build a better place.  The third part of that puzzle is local recreation.  Having activities for Senior citizens, little league programs, art programs, and many others  for the youth and preschool can help establish a feeling of togetherness and friendship within our community that helps solidify the support for local and area families. Our community needs to continue to build our recreation programs.  

I would hope that the town could take a look at Title 11, a master plan of land use and development regulations and see if it has worked as it was originally intended. Is it addressing the problems it was designed to address in the way it was hoped?

I have concerns about the money that has been expended over the past few years for attorney fees to interpret this set of codes. Perhaps there could be some simplification in these ordinances, so that a common man could understand and comply.

I support keeping our infrastructure in good condition and resolving problems to meet the basic water, sewer, street needs of our current population as well as future growth.

I am fiscally conservative, and would make every effort to assure that as a representative of every local citizen, I will listen, and be available as a public servant.

Differences can be overcome. We can begin where we are now today and let go of past grievances and unite in common goals.  Understanding that disagreement is a part of coming to a better answer is exemplified in the writing of our U. S. Constitution. Many harsh words were spoken, many disagreements, much debate took place, but ultimately these men were friends and were able to come together in their cause and agree on what is an amazing document. I would hope that the citizens of Byron can find the maturity, the caring for one another, the desire to be a part of the unity that can come when we join efforts and work together. I sincerely believe that until we find unity,  it will be a struggle to move forward. We need to join hands with one another and build on the good, strong, foundation we have.

I would like to be a part of helping that process take place.